Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hi thanks for dropping by it was my birthday on the 26th and I had a lovely present from my friend Angela in Canada, she is so thoughtful and sent me lots of goodies!. I also got a book, the new one from Joan Elliott called "Bewitching Cross Stitch" also some other charts which I'm waiting for, I'll put a photo on later when they arrive. i also got lots of thread and cards from the birthday group exchange I'm in, so all in all I had a lovely day.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Today I received the first exchange from Tiny treasures, its a lovely scissor fob the chart is from Prairie Schooler, one of my fav. designers. The second Picture, is one I've just framed it was a Round robin the chart from the Cross Country Stitching Magazine, I shall hang it in my hall for all to see!!!! I have just finished my part of the next Round Robin I'm in (with the same ladies as the new framed PIC) Its A Little House Needleworks chart called Pine Top lodge, I shall get a Photo on here soon. SO now its back to the Native American, hopefully it will be finished this year. I also got my birthday present today a bit early but I ordered it expecting it to take 14 days but it only took 3!!! my husband is buying it for me its Joan Elliots new book Bewitching cross stitch, so I had to have a look at it (to make sure it was ok!!!!) and now its been put away till the end of the month. I'm also getting some more charts from my son (he doesn't know yet!!) but shall order them later on.
I'll try not to leave it so long before I up date next time.
Thank you for dropping by