Sunday, 24 February 2013


I havn't written anything for years, so have forgotten how to do things so until i work out how to add a list of FAV'S on the side hers a list here
BARBARA ANA DESIGNS, Boo to you, my wool, the raven, spring scissors fob
Country Cottage Bayside Bungalows
WIDGETS AND WOOL PRIMITIVES, the shearing shoppe
CHERRY WOOD design studios, I AM A STITCHER!!!
I love buttons, charms and trimmings.
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Monday, 27 July 2009


HI ALL, today I got the most beautiful pin keep from my partner in TINY TREASURES, Bev, I love it , its so pretty. thank you. I have also finished my" naked lady" just have to find a frame for it. I thought I'd get a white one, as when I bought the chart from a show I was at it was displayed in a black frame and I thought it looked to heavy, and over powered the stitching. I have just finished 2 LK ornaments but can't show you yet as they are for exchanges, which aren't due to be mailed until Aug. so thats all my news for now, hope you like the photos


Thursday, 18 June 2009


Hi thought I'd better catch up, lots has happened. I have received two lovely exchanges, one from my good friend Angela, we did a Prairie schooler with each other, and Angela stitched my very first flat fold, so I was over the moon about that, and then I got one from Natasha in the Tiny Treasures group which was a floss tag with extras, so thank you both for them.

THEN I WENT MAD and aquired two rats as pets!!! any one who knows me will know I always have had pets of all sorts and after loosing my cocker spaniel "Prim" about 18 months ago now, I was without any pets (except some fish) which isn't the same!! so I decided to get a couple of rats, I have kept them before, and they make lovely pets. I got these two from a lady, her daughter had them but wasn't spending much time with them so she thought it only fair to rehome them, they are grey and white and are called DOTTY and LILLY, I'll up load a few photos, but they are only taken through the bars of the cage as they never keep still enough when they are out side the cage, they are only 4 months old so still have a bit of growing to do. Well i could go on for ever about them so i'll say bye for now


Friday, 20 March 2009


Well I'm back from the show, worn out but happy!!! I spent loads of money, got some nice evenweave, buttons, bibbon, a good deal with the magazine Cross Stitcher (3 issues for a £1) and a lovely chart of a naked woman (I know it sounds odd) but I love it its just stitched in black and grey and mostly just the out line of her body all except her hair which is a solid area of stitches, I'll take a photo later. I'll stitch her on white EW , I have a piece that has a little sparkle in it, so should look nice.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Hi, aren't I clever!!! just worked out how to get a nice background. took me about an hour, back wards and forwards I had about five saved but had to work out that I had to remove one before I could change to another, anyway I think this is nice for now. Eileen
well here I am about time too!!!! I'm just no good at writing on blogs. I've finished quite a few bits of stitching, several ornaments for my group (can't post a picture of them all, as i havn't sent them out yet) I've also sent the biscornu to my partner in the Tiny Treasures group. I've also done a lot of stitching on my Indian but havn't taken a photo yet.
I had a lovely St Patricks Day evening (Tuesday) Mick and I met up with friends we havn't seen for years so I really enjoyed catching up with all the news.
It was my Granddaughter's birthday on the 13th so we had a nice week-end going out with her and eating lots of cake (she is 3)
The best news is I'm going to a stitching show tomorrow!!! can't wait, I go to two a year, so i hope to stock up with some even weave, which I can't get near here (only white or biege) and I'm sure I shall find lots more to buy.
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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hi thanks for dropping by it was my birthday on the 26th and I had a lovely present from my friend Angela in Canada, she is so thoughtful and sent me lots of goodies!. I also got a book, the new one from Joan Elliott called "Bewitching Cross Stitch" also some other charts which I'm waiting for, I'll put a photo on later when they arrive. i also got lots of thread and cards from the birthday group exchange I'm in, so all in all I had a lovely day.