Thursday, 19 March 2009

well here I am about time too!!!! I'm just no good at writing on blogs. I've finished quite a few bits of stitching, several ornaments for my group (can't post a picture of them all, as i havn't sent them out yet) I've also sent the biscornu to my partner in the Tiny Treasures group. I've also done a lot of stitching on my Indian but havn't taken a photo yet.
I had a lovely St Patricks Day evening (Tuesday) Mick and I met up with friends we havn't seen for years so I really enjoyed catching up with all the news.
It was my Granddaughter's birthday on the 13th so we had a nice week-end going out with her and eating lots of cake (she is 3)
The best news is I'm going to a stitching show tomorrow!!! can't wait, I go to two a year, so i hope to stock up with some even weave, which I can't get near here (only white or biege) and I'm sure I shall find lots more to buy.
thanks for dropping in

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Angela said...

Hope you had fun at the stitching show :) I wish we had them here!